SEO Suggestion

SEO Suggestion

Make your website rank higher on Google
Improve your professionalism and long-term business growth

Why Your Business Needs SEO Suggestion

Boost your traffic

71% of internet users will choose businesses and services that appear on the first page of Google Search, this will help attract more customers in the future.

Increase your professionalism

Another purpose of SEO is to upgrade your website to be more effective and user-friendly, which contribute to the company’s professional image.

Invest for long-term growth

Being on top of Google search is a proud achievement of any company in any industry. Customers will eventually opt for companies.

Save your advertising cost

Apart from improving your internal content, you will also improve your organic search and it is most often the primary source of website traffic.

SEO Suggestion Fee $550

What will you get from SEO Suggestion


Keyword Suggestion

Suggest high-performance commercial keywords for your business that will generate sales.


Content Strategy

Recommend strategic website content that drives SEO growth.


Brand-first approach

First approach is to modify your website structure to support SEO.


Optimized On-Page SEO

Not only homepage, our services will support other sections to further improve your SEO.

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