Google Shopping Ads

What is

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads The ads on Google Search pages that are displayed in the form of a Shopping Card which includes product image, price, shop name. It is easier for customers to find the right product faster.

Drive Your Sales With

Google Shopping Ads

Ads that Thai shoppers love the most!

Your Website's Must Haves

  • Immediate trading system (Shopping cart system)
  • Specified shop location and contact details
  • Speeding up results and opportunities more than Google Search
  • Refund policy

Google Shopping Ads vs Google Ads?

  • Images are more appealing than text. Definitely more attention from the target audience
  • Picture + price will cause faster purchasing decision.
  • 3x higher CTR compared to regular Search Ads.
  • Speeding up results and opportunities more than Google Search.
  • Real-time automatic product updates.
  • Match today’s lifestyle of fast and easy shopping.

Why Google Shopping Ads

  • Immediate product showcase that promotes easier conversion.
  • AI-powered new ads help you stay ahead of the competition and increase your sales channel.
  • It’s the perfect tool to accelerate results and reduce purchasing decision time.
  • The system can reach the real target audience on any device.
  • Real-time automatic product updates, and easy to add product details.
  • Solve sales problems with a friendly budget starting at 100 Baht.

“If your business is selling products Google  Shopping Ads is the best ”

Update Process

Step 1

Complete all the information on the website for Google Ads

Step 2

Analyze information on the website, pending approval from the Google Shopping Ads system

Step 3

Start your ads online where Google customers can shop immediately

4. Confirm

Client emails a confirmation as a confirmation of completion for each update.

Google Shopping Ads Pricing

Details 3 months6 months
New Ads Running and Ad maintenance $500 /per Month$450 /Per Month
One Time Set-up Fee$300

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